los artes, la diversidad, y las culturas del mundo

Rodando en el Perú…
…y en España.

Nuestro equipo, trabajadores todos, está compuesto de muy buena gente y nos los aprecíamos mucho.

Palomino Productions  (the dba of Palomino Pro, LLC) is the production arm for filmmaker Eve A. Ma, the natural outgrowth of her earlier sole proprietorship. Production is sometimes done “guerilla” style, with only Ma or perhaps Ma and a sound technician doing the shoot. At other times, we use a larger crew of up to 10 people.

Over the years, the company — and Ma — have created a substantial body of work. Most of this has been documentaries on video, intended for television, home viewing, and the educational market. Ma is particliarly known for her work on topics related to ethnic and cultural diversity, and the performing arts. In addition, the company has produced several music albums and Ma has also created one drama and a number of experimental shorts.

The videos, several of which are in Spanish as well as English, have screened in festivals in seven countries on three continents, and won awards in the USA and Germany. In April of 2017, Palomino Productions will add one more continent and one more country to its list of venues when Ma's recently completed documentary short, Masters of Rhythm, screens in the Festival Internacional del Cajón in Lima, Peru. In addition to festivals, several videos have aired in Spain, and also over individual PBS stations in the United States.

La lista de la gente y organizaciones que han ayudado a la cineasta Sra. Ma es muy larga y ella sienta muy agradecida por el apoyo de cada una. Para ver una lista parcial, que pase a la página AGRADECIMIENTOS de este sitio web.